Mango + Avocado Salsa on Pan-Seared Salmon


Mango and Avocado Salsa by Michelle Tam

As the defiant second child growing up in a multigenerational household, I made it a point to assert my contrariness whenever I could.

You want me to wear a coat because it’s 30°F outside and the windows are frosted over? No way! I’m wearing a TANK TOP. And the reason my teeth are chattering is ‘cause I’m sooo HOT.

The power struggles spilled over to the kitchen table, too. My parents and grandparents loved tropical fruit—papaya, guava, durian—but I would cross my arms and turn my nose up in disgust. I don’t want to try that mango. Papaya and durian? YUCK. I despise tropical fruit! Blech! [Insert gagging, retching noises here.]

I hate to admit it, but I should’ve listened to my elders. Especially about mango—I crave that fragrant, tender fruit now, especially the golden Ataufo variety from Mexico, which is similar to the Manila mango (a.k.a. champagne mango).

(I still can’t stand papaya and durian, though. Gross.)

Mango and Avocado Salsa by Michelle Tam

One of my favorite summer dishes is pan-seared salmon topped with a tangy and refreshing mango and avocado salsa—it’s quick, simple, and delicious. It’s easy on the eyes, too.

Mango and Avocado Salsa by Michelle Tam

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A Pathetic Mind to waste.

Cast away like a mindless animal.

My soul has been crushed,

and my trust thrown away.

How can you stand there and torment me with those magnificent eyes

How do you throw such cursed words around?

I gave myself to you

and you tore me to pieces.

I gave you my blade a long time ago.

Once used for good and protection from the surrounding danger.

I left myself open, too naive to see the imminent attack .

You’ve taken it and thrust it into my stomach.

I’m laying here dieing.

Slowly dieing!

Each minutes passes but the hurt keeps growing more and more,

Why can’t I just die?

As the words slowly creep their way into my gut.

Twisting and turning tearing me apart.

One last tear falls

What’s left of me bleeds out.

I’m nothing but a shell now

Waiting to be forced into cracking

What’s inside is dark

Nothing now, but a shadow of what once was.

My heart, my soul, you…


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So, second yoga class done. How do I feel you may ask? I feel cleansed. It is as though a weight is lifted off of my shoulders after every session. My mind is stress free, my pores are opened, and I feel as though I can move mountains. I can’t believe I put this kind of self cleansing off for so long. Definitely going to have to start doing this more.


My thoughts… a test.  My bodys at rest. Man, im a mess. But I regress my thoughts until im at a lost. No thoughts to pass so kiss my ass, but pardon my French. You give off a stench I cant stand. Its about time you be a man. Man up bro and get lost because as you know im a boss.